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What should patients bring when visiting the clinic?
  • Insurance number, medications, previous tests, discharge summaries and medical reports concerning their medical condition.
Research Activities
  • Research in the field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Event Related potentials in patients with dementia and memory disorders.
  • Indicative academic publications of the clinic:

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Educational Activities
  • Educational seminars for patients and caregivers.
Population to whom the services are addressed
  • Citizens of Thessaloniki and of the Central Macedonia Region.
Available Services
  • Neurologic, psychiatric, neuropsychologic, nursing, social work
Additional Information
  • The clinic’s staff involves also postgraduate psychologists during their clinical internship.
  • This memory clinic is part of the nationwide network of memory clinics.

Our Team

Kimiskidis Vasileios

Kimiskidis Vasileios

Professor of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology, Director of the First Department of Neurology, A.U.T.H.

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Vasilios K. Kimiskidis is Professor of Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology and Head of the Α Department of Neurology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests include the application of transcranial magnetic stimulation for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic purposes and the investigation of cognitive event-related potentials  (ERPs) as a means of exploring cognition in health and disease. He is the author of numerous book chapters and109 scientific papers (2910 citations, ISI-h index of 25). He currently serves as vice-President of the Greek chapter of the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE), delegate of Greece to the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) and is a member of the Special Interest Group of IFCN on Non-invasive Brain Stimulation (NBS) Techniques.

Effrosyni Koutsouraki

Effrosyni Koutsouraki

Associate Professor of Neurology-Neuroimmunology, Director of the Dementia and Memory Disorders outpatient clinic.

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  • Associate Professor of Neurology – Neuroimmunology (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki) A’ Neurology clinic, AHEPA Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Visiting Senior Investigator in the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics
  • Visiting Professor in the Frederick University (Nicosia, Cyprus)
  • Visiting Professor in Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (Nicosia)
  • Head of the outpatient clinic for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Head of the outpatient clinic for Dementias (Memory clinic)
  • A’ Neurology clinic, Aristotle University, AHEPA Hospital



Site    http://blogs.auth.gr/ekoutsou/ Scopus IDs15846065400, 55405225600

Google Scholar IDEuphrosyni K  https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6057-3749

Vasileios Papaliagkas

Vasileios Papaliagkas

Research Associate, Associate Professor of Physiology, International Hellenic University

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Vasileios Papaliagkas is Associate Professor of Physiology at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the International Hellenic University. His research interests include the study of cognitive functions with neurophysiological markers in patients with neurodegenerative, demyelinating diseases and epilepsy, as well as the search for prognostic biomarkers of the transition of Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s disease. He has authored 34 scientific papers (329 citations excluding self citations of all authors, h-index 11) and gave more than 90 presentations in international and national conferences. He is a member of the Scientific Panels of 1) Clinical Neurophysiology and 2)Dementia and  Cognitive Disorders of the European Academy of Neurology

Anthoula Tsolaki

Anthoula Tsolaki

Neurologist-Academic Scholar

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